Conjure and Coffee is a personal blog focusing on the everyday life of foul-mouthed, over-caffeinated, pagan lady who may dabble in darkness now and again. Kids, cats, husband, and sewing might make an appearance.


Don’t I know you from somewhere? 

Links to my work around the web:

When People Ask How Many Kids I Have, This Is My Answer

Stay Wild, Heathen Child

Hereditary Magic

The Brutal Art of Self-Care

Five Things I’ve Learned From My ADHD Son

Family Is Life (and That Really Sucks)

The Empath’s Stigmata


8 thoughts

  1. The hereditary witchcraft article…. it found me. You found me. For a while now I’ve been exploring, at least in my head, the ways in which my female ancestors lived their magic… especially coming from a deeply Christian Anabaptist lineage (both my mama and papas’ families)… I found some writing about folk medicine and healers in Amish communities called brauche with practices such as “shmates tsia” or pain-pulling… most of these stories are passed on through oral tradition; and because they are Fringe practices they were likely practices folks learn to be quiet about…. sometimes these stories and traditions also become convoluted overtime due to their nature of their existence and the context. Wasn’t until I read what you wrote and I was reminded that what I have lived is more powerful than any story explicitly Ever Told to me about the healers in my family and about myself. And I thank you for that reminder. And I thank you for your beautiful words Conjuring up images I could taste and feel in my bones.
    it is with gratitude I send this… and in Celebration of this life we know and feel

  2. Your “Stay Wild, Heathen Child” post popped up on my Facebook news feed as a link from a friend. I looked at my son, then my husband, then back to my phone. Game on.
    It was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of something that pops up in my life every so often, “Be who you needed when you were younger.” You have that down. So I follow the link within the bio on that page to your blog, and I honestly feel like this mini journey your blog has taken me on was meant to happen. Now. Today. And I really needed the wisdom you hold. Thank you.

  3. Been enjoying your writing so much, thank you! It’s hard to find cool witchy mamas, and I wished you lived closer to me so we could be friends. 😸

    1. Hi there! There should be a Follow button with a + around the bottom or top (depending on if your using mobile or pc). If you click on that, it should add the blog to your follow list. Thanks for checking me out and wanting to follow along!

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