Let’s take a break from the heavy hitting posts and talk about the fact that the Conjure and Coffee Crew has made it through the first week of school.

I don’t know the schools for the area you are in, Dear Reader, so all these whinings and observations will be about the district we live in here at Casa de Conjure.border11This year, our little dude, who I introduced to you about a year ago as D-Man, is a kindergartner! He is a very quirky, smart, and funny little dude who has a love for Minecraft, video games, and coloring inside the lines. Yes, I said inside the lines. It’s crazy, I know. He’s so good at problem-solving it astonishes me. He is a really big fan of puzzle games and often when he asks for help, I just am not able to help him. He’s also kind and emotional, like any 5 year old is. As a middle child, I think he has a tendency to feel he has to be loud to be heard.

As much as I love him and believe in his intelligence, I really was fearful that going to school would be hard for him.

Like the other children, he’s never been to daycare and honestly, hasn’t even spent many nights outside the house. We aren’t isolationists by choice as much as by circumstance. The Husband has been a night worker since before the babies were born. Coupled with having one car and very limited child care resources, we’ve just kind of always lived in our own world.

And with things this year being so stressful with my husband and his illness battle, I was worried that the adjustment to being a more formal setting would be hard on him.

However, it seems that he’s doing pretty well. The school the kids attend is pretty damn great and has made him feel empowered and at home. The teachers and administrators there are some of the best I’ve ever encountered. I have connected to his class via the Class Dojo app so I can check in on how his day is going and communicate with his teacher whenever I need to. So I can see when he gets a =1 for helping others or a -1 for hallway behavior. Both of which happened within the same day.

I suspect that there’s going to be some bumps in the road at some point. And that’s ok. That’s expected. Honestly, it’s something I think is encouraging. Finding the right fit for a child in the world of academia is important. It’s not easy, it often doesn’t feel good, but by the gods, it’s important.Text Dividers_Part 2-11JoBean is now 10 and an official 5th grader. And I feel that if he knew I was referring to him as JoBean he’d roll his eyes at me. This is his last year in elementary school. And man, what a time it’s been. I feel that we are at a place where his ADHD is being controlled pretty well. I think he has emotionally matured a lot this summer. I do know he’s got the pre-teen angst down pretty well. He only thinks I’m embarrassing about 40% of the time.

He hasn’t had any emotional breakdowns so far. For the most part, he has done well at following directions. He did manage to forget to bring home important things twice in the first week. At some point, I think I’ve just accepted that he’s someone who needs constant reminding about things. I think the teachers and counselors at the school understand this too.

This will be his last year with a group of people who know him, his inner workings, and know how to handle them. Next year, it’s a new school a new set of rules and a new group of teachers and administrators. That scares the shit out of me.

All the progress we have made fitting him into his educational family is going to be erased and we will have to start over. There’s also the chance that the school will have a larger population of students. Next year for sure is sink or swim. And I’m not letting my boy sink, no matter how hard I have to swim.

But that’s all next year. This year, we’re going to focus on what needs to be done. For JoBean, school is like an archaeological dig. Each time he’s there and applies himself, we find out something new. Inspiring him to keep digging is going to be hard work, but I can be pretty damn inspiring when I need to be.

Text Dividers_Part 2-07Little MarMar is slowly adjusting to both brothers being gone all day. She’s been a little clingier, a little more attention seeking, and a little wilder. I had thought that with both boys out of the house during the day she’d be rolling in enjoyment. I guess she’s adjusting too. While she is usually at odds with at least one of the boys at any given time. They are her best and truest friends. And while its true that it won’t be much longer until she’s in school herself, right now it’s a little difficult. But we will get through it. Even if it means watching Moana every day. E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y

You’re welcome.Text Dividers_Part 2-04The movement of time is never more evident than it is in the growth of the children we love. We must remember they are not ours. We do not own these little personality machines. To us, they are borrowed until they find their way and learn the notes to their own song of life.

This first week has been a good start on them finding their vibe. I hope that for the rest of the year, things go the way they should. I do not wish them, and the rest of the students, the best. No, I wish them enough. Enough to keep working, dreaming, and searching.


Keep grinding, kiddos.

One week at a time.

I’ve got your backs.


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